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Science, history, theater, STEM programs, leadership, and more! Some of the best learning opportunities occur outside the classroom!

Washington D.C. Student Youth Trip

The nation’s capital is not only the best place to learn about the heritage of the United States, but it is where history continues to be made, daily.

Boston Student Youth Trip

Have your students experience colonial charm in the city that is considered the hub of New England.

Spain Student Youth Trip

Have you ever thought about performing for an international audience? There is no place like Spain to offer a student performance opportunity or cultural student trip.

Puerto Rico Student Youth Trip

Not quite an international destination for US citizens, but Puerto Rico is an island of culture, charisma, beautiful views, music and true fortitude!

New York City Student Youth Trip

Take a moment to explore New York City and you’ll see why it’s like no other place in the world.

Ireland Student Youth Trip

Ireland is an incredible destination full of lively music, beautiful views and a little Irish Luck! The quaint island feels approachable and friendly for student groups and adult groups alike.

Philadelphia Student Youth Trip

Philadelphia is a city with a historic story like no other. The foundations of a nation can be traced to the heart of this vibrant city.

London Student Youth Trip

Provide your student group with the “Royal” treatment! One of the world’s most recognized cities.
Myrtle Beach Student Youth Trip

All students love the beach! Especially a beach known for its 60 miles of pristine coastline. The beach is just one of many things to see and do.

San Antonio Student Youth Trip

San Antonio is ripe with culture and history around every corner. Performance groups as well as graduating seniors are sure to enjoy this destination.

Memphis Student Youth Trip

Memphis, Tennessee is an incredible student destination! The city has so much to offer from learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to singing the songs of “the King” Elvis Presley.

Nashville Student Youth Trip

Nashville, Tennessee is where music dreams come true! The city is brimming with music history, artists, opportunity and vibrant life.

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