Insider Tips for Student Travel Deals

From trip planning to company details, our team at Group Travel Network has insider tips for the best student travel deals!

5 Tips for Big Savings on Student Airfare, Lodging and Everything in Between

Our experience and industry success has allowed us to discover the best ways to cut your biggest trip costs, including student airfare, lodging, and activities, no matter where you’re traveling.

Use The Following 5 Tips To Get The Best Value For Your Dollar During Your Trip:

Get Student Travel Discounts On the Big Stuff

When you’re looking for student travel discounts, look first at the big stuff like airfare, busing, and lodging. Many trips go sour when they try to save on smaller costs like parking or food. Trust us. Hungry students are not happy students

We have the experience and vendor contacts to leverage student travel discounts on the major expenses. These are the most costly parts of every trip, but our experienced team has the negotiating power and established relationships needed to cut your costs and save you money.

Competing Bids? See How We Offer the Best Group Travel Packages

Putting together competing bids for your next group travel package? See for yourself how our student travel company leverages great partnerships, strong insurance coverage and bulk buyer discounts for trips that cost less but deliver more.

Take advantage of a FREE, no-obligation quote to see the savings waiting for you on your next student trip. We’ll put our more than 30 years of industry expertise and connections to work for you by giving you an amazing experience that costs less.