Meet Your Travel Professional Dream Team

What makes a memorable student trip? We think you meant to say… WHO makes a memorable student trip? We do! We know we’re awesome. Meet the team and find out for yourself!

Justin M. Shuler - CSTP
Justin M. Shuler - CSTPPresident
Amie Shuler - CSTP
Amie Shuler - CSTPGeneral Manager - Accounting
Melissa Ardales - CSTP
Melissa Ardales - CSTPBusiness Development
Kaycee Sanford
Kaycee SanfordTravel Coordinator
Anthony Parisi
Anthony ParisiTravel Specialist
Rob Cothran
Rob CothranTravel Specialist
Jagger Shuler
Jagger ShulerTravel Coordinator
Payton Trenary
Payton TrenaryDigital Marketing Specialist
Jeff Lilley
Jeff LilleyAmazing Friend, Forever In Our Hearts

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