What You Need To Know About The Puerto Rico Student Youth Trip

Puerto Rico is an island of culture, charisma, beautiful views, music and true fortitude! While it may feel worlds away from typical mainland American culture, Puerto Rico is a US territory, which means that a passport is not required to travel to this vibrant island, for US citizens! Warmth, not only through the sun-kissed ocean breeze but also through the smiles of the local people of Puerto Rico, welcomes each visitor.

Why Travel Here?

A visit to Puerto Rico, takes the traveler on a journey of history, culture, adventure and teaches the true meaning of the word resiliency. From topics of leadership to music, environmental studies to diversity, Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for your group. It’s incredible to truly understand the variety of educational activities, adventure and magic packed into a compact geographic place. One day you might be walking the passages of a century old fortress and the next may be spent zip-lining over the rainforest. From Bomba lessons to kayak tours through bioluminescent bays and caves to beaches, Puerto Rico is sure to delight, educate, inspire and make you wish your trip was longer!

Go – See – Do!

  • Taste delicious food like Mofungo and enjoy food tours around Old San’s exquisite restaurants.
  • Learn about Puerto Rico’s music and participate in a bomba class! The dancer leads the music!
  • Zipline above the treetops!
  • Gaze at the ocean from atop the Castillo del Morro and harness the winds in an afternoon of kite flying.
  • Acquire new perspectives and learn about Afro-Caribbean history and traditions.
  • Interact in English or Spanish with cheerful, optimistic and energetic people!
  • Study biodiversity during a hike in El Yunque rainforest.
  • Waterslide down the natural rock formations in the rivers!
  • Kayak through bioluminescent waters and learn about the unique organisms that give their glow.
  • Visit museums, art galleries, historic forts and colorful murals such as Yaucromatic and Santurce es Ley.

Destinations Best For:

Senior trips, adventure trips, family trips, education, dance, music study, percussion study, ecological trips, science, history, cultural trips.

Performance options to consider: Public squares in Old San Juan, community concert venues, church performances, percussion demonstrations