“Thank you for your incredible job with our band program (and all the others) on our Philadelphia and New York trip. Group Travel Network has become like a very dear family to me and I just appreciate every moment taken to discuss our trip. I know in October and November as the trip got closer I talked to Jeff a lot about different things. The fact that you would take the time to sit and talk to me about every detail really meant a lot to me. This was the first “large city” trip I have ever taken more than just my husband on… and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wanted to specifically mention how awesome it was to have the security that we had on every hotel floor that we had students on. Typically, I have a hard time sleeping because I lay there and just “wait” for my phone to ring from something happening. The fact that I was able to deliver the information to our students that guards would be outside their rooms ALL NIGHT was incredible! It made me able to get sleep at night (lol…a whopping 4 hours most nights- but it was just what I needed). Thank you, Jeff, for being there with us the entire time when I know you represented other groups that were on the same trip, as well. I don’t know if our gratuity could ever cover the amazing help that you and Susie were all week. So… in closing… BRAVO! to you, Jeff… and BRAVO! to you, Justin! GTN made this band director a lot less stressed during our stay… and I appreciate you both for going above and beyond. You are both AUsome!”