What You Need to Know about a Disney Imagination Campus Student Youth Trip

Perform! Create! Inspire! Learn! At Disney’s Imagination Campus, the sky is the limit on what your group can learn and achieve. There is a program for every youth group!

Why Travel Here?

Disney’s Imagination Campus brings art and science to life in ways that are unimaginable. The campus is dedicated to education in creative ways and have created workshops and programs geared towards magical learning!

Programs are offered both on the west coast (Disneyland) and the east coast (Walt Disney World). Each program is geared towards your students with an element of learning and a whole lot of fun! The curriculum has been built with fun in mind!

Aside from curriculum, the performance opportunities are sure to draw the attention of every performer in your group! Dance, bands, choirs and performers alike will all feel fulfilled on a Disney trip!


Marching Band Performances
Your performers will discover the excitement, magic and unparalleled experience of entertaining Disney Park Guests through a time-honored tradition. They’ll be challenged to bring their very best to their performance as they learn the expectations and discipline that go with being a Disney performer.

Stage Performances
Your performers will step into the spotlight as they dazzle a live audience with a once-in-a-lifetime performance, experiencing the excitement and magic of being a professional performer.


Festival Disney: Instrumental
Achieve performance excellence at our Disney-produced competitive music festival! Your ensemble will compete with other schools from across the country while making magical memories at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Festival Disney: Choral
Spruce up your performance skills as your students compete against other schools from across the country while receiving positive feedback from nationally recognized adjudicators—all while making once-in-a-lifetime memories at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Soundtrack Sessions: Instrumental
Hone fundamental skills like intonation, balance and tone quality, while learning how phrasing, dynamics and articulations can add emotion to any piece of music. Disney music professionals will share the high expectations of being a professional musician and how to succeed in the field.

Soundtrack Sessions: Vocal
Performers will unlock the magic of storytelling through iconic soundtracks from Disney films. They’ll be immersed in a recording studio environment where they will sight-read music and learn how to analyze their own performances.

Go – See – Do!

  • Marching Band Performances

  • Stage Performances

  • Workshops

  • Festival Disney

  • Arts & Humanities

  • Science & Technology

  • Dance

  • Disneyland – California

Destinations Best For:

Senior trips, performance trips, education, dance, music, leadership, science, arts, technology

Performance options to consider: Disney has many great performance venues including parades!