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What sets apart the best student travel companies? A long history of stress-free trips that go off without a hitch. See the cost savings, hassle-free service and safety we deliver to help us stand out among the best student tour companies.

The path to amazing student trips start here. Countless schools, performance directors, parents and students turn to Group Travel Network for the best service in the student travel industry. Student travel is the lifeblood of what we do and inspires us to give our best, everyday! Your free, custom itinerary is just a click away. There’s no obligation to request a quote, but you owe it to yourself to see firsthand what our amazing team can provide for you.

See How We Compare To Other Companies

How You Save Competitors
Prices Bulk buying power gives access to the best prices for big groups.
Partnerships Decades of repeat business with specific vendors guarantee great service at low prices.
Itineraries Multiple customized itineraries to choose from and backup plans in the event of weather and other disruptions to guarantee traveler safety and enjoyment.
Safety On-trip representatives at every point of your trip and nighttime security available on all trips.
Insurance Liability insurance in excess of legal requirements protects your deposits and delivers peace of mind.
Certifications Valuable student travel, transportation and music education certifications guarantee the highest quality trips and service.
Trip Quotes An unlimited number of no-cost quotes help you compare several trips you’re considering for the best price, greatest memories and most value.